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Divine Enthusiast

Divine Enthusiast

80833_100The other morning I woke up with the word enthusiasm clearly inscribed on my mind, and knew the Lord wanted to speak to me about the meaning.  A few days later I heard Dr. Jim Richards mention this word in one of his sermons.  He is still speaking to me about this word, but for now, here is a quick glance at enthusiasm.

In modern language, anyone who is focused, pre-occupied, and extremely passionate about a specific activity or agenda may be called enthusiastic.  Enthusiasm is traced back to a Greek word ethos, en (“in” or “with in”) Theos (“God”), or “God with in”. The wider usage of the word speaks to being inspired or possessed by a god.
Possessed – moved by a strong feeling, mindset, or supernatural power.
Just to be clear, demon possession is bad, but Divine possession is beautiful.  What are you possessed by? What feeling, mindset, or power is motivating and moving you?  Are you inspired by righteousness or unrighteousness? Moved by fear, or love?

The early usage of the word enthusiasm was focused on those who, through prayer and meditation, experienced the overflowing influence of God.  Enthusiasm is a state of being, much like living under the influence or inspiration of the Throne of God.  It is like having a grasp on the reality that our God reigns.

Inspire – to breathe upon, and to influence.

Divine inspiration is living with your mind-set on the things of the Spirit (Romans 8:5-14).

  Enthusiast- a person who is filled with enthusiasm

Could you stand to be a little more enthusiastic? God has redeemed you and all of your sins are forgiven because your faith in Christ.  You are loved and accepted, and have been made new. Why not live inspired and possessed by the goodness of God?

Today, I pray you become a Kingdom Enthusiast. Serve, worship, pray, give, and live enthusiastically. I am thinking of a couple of our Dream Team Members: Tim, Alex and Bruce, they greet with enthusiasm! Even the Pastor preaches with enthusiasm….LOL…

I love being your pastor,