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Dream Team



The Dream Team is all of our volunteers here at Faith Center of Paducah. But the Dream Team is not your normal church volunteer’s. They are a special group, here’s why.

The dream team is a result of the realization that God has a plan for all of mankind and He has a plan for each of our lives in that overall plan. We have realized the Architect of the universe in all of His wisdom put into each of us the seeds of greatness that we need to be amazing in that plan. He gave each of us the one ingredient that we all must have to be great and that ingredient is PASSION!

Now, that is not a moment of passion that I mean. I’m talking about a life’s passion. That is a passion that is built in on the inside of you that never dies and never goes away. This kind of a passion is the God kind of passion. It’s a passion that only God can place in you. Find that passion and you find the direction or the “compass needle” that will point you toward God’s plan for your life.

Our Dream Team is the result of finding out the individual unique passion that God placed in you and combining that with an area of service in the church that will nurture and help you build on that passion. We want you to live your dream, the dream that God put inside of you. Live your dream, live your passion! Contact: Connie Brewer at

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