Discovery is a starting place to help establish or confirm divine direction for your life. Each lesson will reveal a different aspect of what it means to live a life of mission and purpose.

At Faith Center, our goal is to clarify who we are and what we believe God has called us to. This way, you can prayerfully decide if God is leading you in the same direction. You can know with confidence if this is the right church family for you.


  1. Watch each week’s lessons, fill in the blank, and take good notes.
  2. Come to each of the four weekly Discovery gatherings on Wednesday nights, 6 PM to 8 PM, at church. During this time together we will teach some additional elements, answer questions, spend some quality time together. Make sure to bring your Discovery binder.
  3. On the fourth gathering night you’ll be invited to become a member/partner with our family of faith. Here are the three things we do for those taking this step of faith:
    • Commission you through prayer and impartation to activate and accelerate your life’s purpose.
    • Celebrate your faith commitment and pray over you publicly on a Sunday morning welcoming you into the church family.
    • Lead you to your best next steps, whether it’s joining a Life Group and/or Dream Team.

If you have questions or concerns that arise during these lessons, please feel free to contact us by calling the church office at (270) 443-3110 or by emailing us at [email protected]

Now grab your binder and start the videos below!

Lesson 1 - Discover Membership

Lesson 2 - Discover Maturity

Lesson 3 - Discover Ministry

Lesson 4 - Discover Mission