So What's A Life Group?

Our Life Groups play a vital role in our ministry beyond Sunday mornings. If you're eager to forge meaningful connections with fellow believers, delve deeper into God's Word, and embrace everything God has in store for His people, explore the details at this link for dates, times, and locations.

Should you have any inquiries about joining a Life Group, feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. We're here to help!

Start Your Own Life Group!

Interested in leading your own life group? We'll help you get started!


What are life groups all about?

We believe sustained life-change happens best in the context of relationships. Life groups are small groups of people who meet in homes and other locations throughout the week. These groups make it easier for you to connect with others, build relationships, and grow spiritually. It’s what we call relational-discipleship. As was the case for Norm in the old TV show “Cheers,” it’s the place where “everybody knows your name.”

Why should I join a life group?

Your life group will be a source for friendships and support. They’re key to developing meaningful relationships with those who share your interests and who are dealing with similar life issues. Life groups offer a safe place to connect, grow, and experience the love of God in practical ways.

Were there life groups in the Bible?

The book of Acts records the tremendous growth of the first church in Jerusalem. Small groups of people met in homes and shared life together. Acts 5:42 tells us that people met “in the temple courts” (large group worship) and “from house to house” (small group fellowship). These smaller relational gatherings were vital to the growth of the early church, and they’re just as vital now.

When can I join a group?

Anytime you’re ready!  Our life group leaders are leading groups because they recognize the importance of the body of Christ being in an ongoing relationship with each other, including those new to a local church body, so don’t be shy! Jump in!

Many of our life groups are ongoing, though some may take breaks from time to time or end altogether with new groups starting up. Be sure and check this page frequently or email us at [email protected] when you’re ready to get connected.

What is the best kind of life group?

The best life group is the one that fits you best. Feel free to test drive a couple of groups and allow God to lead you into meaningful relationships with others. Every life group is unique and different! If you don’t have a great experience at one life group, don’t allow it to keep you from moving forward.  Try another!