We Are Family

What's Next Generation?

Next Generation is the overall ministry heading that we use for our kids age infant through senior in high school. We believe that our kids are just as important to the life of the church as the adults. Scripture tells us that children are a blessing and that we have a responsibility to raise them to know God personally for themselves! The following is how we break up the different age groups to effectively accomplish that.

Grace Kidz

Sundays, 10AM

Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers are made up of potty-trained through kindergarten kidz.  Children are taught about their identity in Christ through games, prayer, teaching, songs and outdoor activities. We let our Kidz be kids and love them just like Jesus does!


The toddlers room is made up of runners (approximately 16 months) to potty trained (approximately age 3) kidz.  Children in this classroom are encouraged to play with other children and taught Bible songs, simple Bible lessons that encourage them to grow in their understanding of God.  This class sets the foundation of Biblical truths and the love of Jesus.


It’s never to early to show someone Jesus! We welcome children into nursery from age 6 weeks to runners (approximately 16 months).  Although our first concern is general infant care such as diapering and feeding your baby, our Nursery team takes great joy in showing children the love of God by praying over them, rocking them and playing with them.  We love babies!

Faith Kidz

This team creates an environment where elementary age (1st – 6th grade) children encounter God in a fun, inspirational, and life transforming way. Children’s ministry is a great way to pour healthy Biblical foundations into these young lives. Through teaching, worship, videos, skits, small groups, puppets, games and more, our Kidz learn about the life-changing love of Christ!

Faith Center Youth (6th-12th)

Though fellowship is critical to forming relationships, we believe that Christian youth should do more than gather each week to form a clique. We believe that our youth are called and have the ability to make a difference in the lives of their family and their friends and the world in general by knowing and fulfilling the Great Commission, doing community work and discovering what it is that God has created them to do with their lives We hope that you’ll come check out our Youth Group to see how we’re equipping our teenagers to live out their faith in practical, everyday ways.