Plan A Visit

We’re Excited You Are Considering A Visit!

The thought of visiting a new church for the first time may be anxiety-inducing for some, so we want to help make your experience a good one. Below are some frequently asked questions.

What should I wear?

Our services are for praising the Lord, so come dressed however you feel most comfortable. We’re thrilled that you’re joining us and want you to be more focused on the service than what you’re wearing. Whether dressed in your Sunday best or jeans and a T-shirt, we have a variety of styles at our services.

When should I show up?

We have 1 weekend service; Sunday at 10:00am. If you have children and would like them to participate in Faith Kids (see below), we do recommend that you arrive 25-30 minutes before the service so that you have time to drop off your kids to the nursery, or at their classrooms and make your way to the sanctuary.

Do you have something for my Children?

Yes, we do!  At Faith Center, we are committed to keeping your children safe and secure and have implemented a child check-in system, which is designed to provide you with a quick and simple check-in experience when dropping off your child.  Please note that ALL children ages 8wks – 5th grade attending Faith Kid’s are required to be checked in and out by a parent or guardian at one of the Children’s check-in entrances. Click HERE for more information on classrooms.

How do I Check-In my Children?

You will come to our Faith Kids Check-In area – please ask a door greeter for directions upon arrival. Let the check-in attendant know it’s your first time and they will help you through the process. When you check your child in, both you and your child will receive a name tag sticker. Hold onto this, you will need this to check your child back out of the secure area at the end of the service.


This time is set aside for communicating with God from our hearts.  We have live upbeat worship with guitars, drums – the works, as well as intimate songs of worship.  Everyone worships in their own unique way – for many, that means singing, clapping and raising their hands, and for others it means quietly reflecting on the words. At Faith Center, you’re welcome to do what comes from the heart in praise to God.